Wild River Book, Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines by Mark Lyons, Named Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2015

Wild River Books’ Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines Named to Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2015. “An engrossing collection giving ordinary people their due … a gifted storyteller, Lyons has an ear for dialect …” Praise for Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines, Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review  

PRINCETON, NJ—DECEMBER 15, 2015: Kirkus Reviews named Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines by Mark Lyons, published by Wild River Books, one of the “Best Books of 2015” in the Indie Short Story category. Called “an engrossing collection giving ordinary people their due,” by Kirkus Reviews in a starred review published last October, Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines depicts struggles and insights of undocumented Mexican immigrants, hospital “lifers,” American veterans, and highway philosophers, among other unforgettable characters.

“We are honored and thrilled that Kirkus Reviews chose Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines for Best Indie Books of 2015,“says Joy E. Stocke, Cofounder of Wild River Books. “Mark Lyons not only has the ability to bring characters’ voices alive, he is also a writer who is dedicated to his craft and to the editorial process we revere at Wild River Books.” Called a “roadmap to the soul” by the Philadelphia Review of Books, Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines taps into social issues such as displacement, immigration, and post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by returning veterans. Lyons’s stories fit Wild River Books’ mission to publish literary works that speak to the interconnectedness of all people and societies, and to humanize controversial issues.

“Mark Lyons asks us to slow down, pull over, and turn off the engine,” writes the Philadelphia Inquirer. “The voice of each [character] emerges so naturally that it’s easy to forget that only one person, Mark Lyons, lies behind all of them. Lyons manages to create a world rich enough to make many novelists envious … deserves to be read and relished.”

“Over the years I met many people whose stories haunted and stayed with me. At fifty-two I began to write these stories down, to turn the seeds they gave me into fiction,” says Lyons. “Publishing my collection of short stories with Wild River Books has been a quiet celebration. Never take for granted the gift of editors who believe in your work.” Lyons is the Director of the Philadelphia Storytelling Project (PSP), where he uses digital storytelling in his work with teens and the immigrant community. In his most recent work with PSP, Project HOME, he produced a series of audio stories on homeless veterans, collaborating with photographer Harvey Finkle. Lyons’s past literary work includes writing, translating, and co-editing Espejos y Ventanas / Mirrors and Windows: Oral Histories of Mexican Farmworkers and Their Families, published in English and Spanish.

With twenty–five years of experience working in the Latino community as a health worker and community organizer, he was the director of the Farmworkers Health and Safety Institute. With a passion for community and storytelling, Lyons additionally serves as the editor of Open Borders, the Wild River Review series of immigrant stories. About Wild River Books: With over thirty years of publishing, editing, design, and marketing experience, Wild River Books upholds the top standards of the industry and offers strategic publishing solutions. Through editorial consultation, marketing, publicity expertise, and crafted packaging, Wild River Books helps authors tell and promote stories that make a difference in the world. Through Wild River Consulting & Publishing, LLC, Wild River Books also runs the international online literary and arts magazine Wild River Review ( with loyal readers from every corner in the world.

Joy E. Stocke

Joy E. Stocke

Founder and Principal. Joy E. Stocke has been professionally writing and editing fiction, nonfiction and poetry for more than twenty years. She has shepherded hundreds of writers from concept to first and subsequent drafts into print.

Kimberly Nagy

Kimberly Nagy

Founder and Principal. Kimberly Nagy has worked for authors, publishers, businesses, non-profit organizations, and universities alike. Nagy is a principal of Wild River Consulting and Publishing (WRCP) Services which offers comprehensive manuscript evaluations, coaching, social media guidance, and publishing advice (in a rapidly changing landscape). She mentors many talented students and clients.