Astra pairs up with Visa to empower faster A2A payments

Astra pairs up with Visa to empower faster A2A payments

US fintech Astra has joined up with Visa to offer faster payments to millions of its end users via Visa Direct, the company's real-time payments service.

Visa Direct – Merchant Settlement

See how Visa Direct helps enable faster and simpler settlements from payment facilitators to merchants.

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Visa Direct – Remittance Overview

Deliver faster transfers in more places to grow your business. With a Visa Direct enabled solution, you can reach more of the world and give customers faster access to funds by digitizing payments across the Visa global network

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What Are Account to Account Payments?

From enterprise organizations to startups, give your business the ability to manage complex payment flows and control the timing of each transaction when accepting, disbursing or facilitating payments using A2A transfers.

Find out how account-to-account payments can unlock your business’ potential in our latest report – The State of A2A: How Account to Account Payments Can Power Innovation.


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