Our Wild River Books imprint

Wild River Books is an outgrowth of the online literary magazine Wild River Review and brings the finest literary voices to print through traditional and digital formats.

Megabuilders of Queenston Park

We welcome authors who are committed to the craft of writing and storytelling and are willing to devote the writing and editing time necessary to turn prose into art. We are especially interested in fresh perspectives and stories that speak to the interconnectedness of people and societies, what binds us, what breaks us apart, and what forces ultimately elevate us.

We nurture new writers of merit and additionally publish established writers whose work deserves to be read by a new generation.

Note: We handpick the finest authors and work with them to secure underwriting and funding partners (one recent project was generously funded by Princeton University, Department of Hellenic Studies) for ambitious works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and memoir.

To Query us about a book project, please Contact Us. Please be aware that we are a small publishing house and highly selective.