Megabuilders of Queenston Park

The Megabuilders of Queenston Park
Edmund Keeley

megabuilders - CopyAcclaimed author Edmund Keeley’s eighth novel opens in 21st-century Princeton, New Jersey, as the quaint college town faces mounting changes in its architectural and social landscape. Ambitious mega-builders roam the neighborhoods in search of modest post-war homes to tear down and replace with huge modular monstrosities.

Cassie and Nick Mandeville, nearing retirement, find themselves thrust into a battle with a father-and-son construction company that plans to erect an overgrown, high-end eyesore next door. As the Mandevilles try to save their neighborhood, they run headlong into an insensitive and possibly corrupt political system at the local level, a microcosm of the larger political scene during the Bush years.

What is the true value of real estate? How do we measure the stability, affection, and familial loyalty our homes nurture and shelter? Keeley explores all this–and more–with urgency and wit in “The Megabuilders of Queenston Park”.

keeley2 - CopyEdmund Leroy Keeley, author, translator, educator, critic, and administrator, was born in Damascus. Keeley was a Fulbright Scholar and a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, and went on to receive a Doctorate in Comparative Literature from Oxford University. Keeley spent his academic career at Princeton University, holding directorships in the Creative Arts Program, the Creative Writing and Theatre Program, and the Creative Writing Program. In addition, he served as president of the Modern Greek Studies Association, vice-president of the Poetry Society of America, and president of PEN American Center.