There is no place for guesswork in the workplace

There is no place for guesswork in the workplace

Monitoring employees’ outside business activities shouldn’t be left to chance. David Rowland, Chief Technology Officer at StarCompliance, explains why

Guessing game: Things we do in the office

Play a little game with Mike. Can you guess these different vocabulary words of activities you do in office? Good luck!

Take Guesswork out of VDI Troubleshooting for your WFH Workforce: Aditya Krishnan

Understand the challenges faced by VDI administrators during our current WFH phenomenon, and find the best strategies to overcome these difficulties. This talk will focus on each layer within a VDI environment right from the thin client to the desktop and peeling through each layer.

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Google+: is a community of people who believe in helping other people. Specifically we work in IT infrastructure and we help other people in the IT industry to better their carreers by educating. Most frequent activity is producing the vBrownBag podcast. vBrownBag also attends global conferences to produce TechTalks and theater sessions.

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The vBrownBag crew host podcasts where community members present on topics that will help others in the community. Some podcast series are aimed at helping people achieve certifications.
Other podcasts help community members learn an entirely new subject area. We also cover areas like storage or automation. The podcast has been running weekly since 2010.

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The vBrownBag crew love IT conferences, the only place where we actually see each other, the awesome people who are our presenters and the community members who follow the podcast. The conferences are also a great place to generate some more community learning content.

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Guessing Your Rocket League Ranks From Your Setup

Check out our latest video from NRG Rocket League where we tried to GUESS your Rocket League Ranks from your SETUPS! Please like, comment, and subscribe for more amazing content.

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Guessing Your Rocket League Ranks From Your Setup

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SAT Math: The Ultimate Guessing Trick

Please note: this trick works for the SAT and the ACT, and for any other multiple choice math test as well! Also, as a lot of you have pointed out in the comments, this problem isn’t particularly tough – and you’re right! I’m just using this problem as an example. This trick is NOT better than just solving the math problem on your own if you know how. It IS a lot better than randomly guessing – so, if you’re stuck on a problem, or if you’re out of time, this trick will give you a far better than random chance of getting the right answer!