Manuscript Evaluation

Are you looking for support, critical feedback and a constructive roadmap forward to help you break through in your writing?

We offer premiere editorial and coaching services for emerging and established authors. So we bring our knowledge of craft and publishing to each formative idea, business concept, voice development, or tentative narrative arc (fiction, non-fiction, memoir, etc.) and help authors put together a solid plan in order to manifest their vision. Our authors often tell us that we help them find a place to start and to finish their projects.

We also help authors who are seeking to craft book proposals and query agents and publishers in a rapidly changing publishing scene.

Elements of the manuscript evaluation include:

  • Overall feedback
  • Scene development & narrative arc
  • Character development
  • Chapter analysis
  • Branding/ marketing brainstorming
  • Author platform notes
  • Market/ audience analysis

For more on manuscript evaluations, contact:

Manuscript Evaluation

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